Sale Salin Plus Salt Air Purifier Therapy Replacement Filter for Mini Salin Plus (1Pc)

Salin Plus Salt Air Purifier Therapy Replacement Filter for Mini Salin Plus (1Pc)

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Purifies the air, reduces sensitivity to allergies

Provides Immediate Relief

Improves Quality Of Life

Increases Energy, Enhances Mood

Reduce medication dependence

Natural, pill free relief and relaxant


Anti-inflammatory, Antihistamine

Safe & energy efficient

Compact & quiet



✚ The Salin Plus can be used at any time of day.

✚ For best results, we recommend using it 8 hours while you sleep.

✚ Use device as much as possible in the first month before adhering to minimum 8 hours per night.·

✚ This will enhance wellbeing and reduce the likelihood of infection.



✚ Supports room size of up to 150 cubic metres

✚ Controllable fan speed determines salt output

✚ 1-Year warranty

✚ Energy efficient & cost effective

✚ One filter cartridge included with purchase (Filter life: 4-6 months)


Salt therapy (a.k.a. halotherapy) is the inhalation of very fine salt particles.

Salt is used for two reasons:


- It is negatively charged, like oxygen, and therefore has the ability to fight anaerobic respiratory infections – and – through osmosis, draws mucus away from the airways.


- Mucus plays a vital role in our respiratory system as it traps allergens, bacteria and viruses. If mucus is not removed from the lungs it becomes toxic, decreasing lung volume and obstructing airways.


The presence of tiny salt particles through salt therapy gently draws the fluid away from the mucus, shrinking and drying it out. This will allow for easier breathing and a better night sleep.



✚ Asthma


✚ Cystic Fibrosis

✚ Bronchitis

✚ Sleep Apnea

✚ Allergies/Hayfever

✚ Snoring

✚ Sinusitis

✚ Cold & Flu

✚ Ear Infections

✚ Post Nasal Drip

✚ Pneumonia, Cold & Flu


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