Sale Philips Hair Clipper S5000 Rechargeable Turbo Mode (HC5630)

Philips Hair Clipper S5000 Rechargeable Turbo Mode (HC5630)

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Hairclipper series 5000
Washable hair clipper


Fast even haircut

Get an even haircut thanks to DualCut and Trim-n-Flow Pro technology. The new comb design prevents hair of any length from getting stuck in the comb, so you can finish your style in one go.

Technical Specifications

Power system

  • Battery type: Li-ion


  • Maintenance: Cleaning brush
  • Comb
    • 1 beard comb
    • 2 hair combs (long and short)
  • Storage: Soft pouch


  • 2-year worldwide guarantee: Yes

Cutting system

  • Cutting element: Stainless steel blades
  • Cutter width: 41 mm
  • Number of length settings: 28
  • Range of length settings: From 0.5 to 28 mm
  • Precision (size of steps): By 1 mm

Ease of use

  • Cleaning: 100% washable**
  • Maintenance free: No oil needed
  • Operation: Corded & Cordless use

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