Sale Joven JP200 Series Water Purifier Inline Filter Catridge Removes 99.9% Chlorine Rust Turbidity Sediment & Odour

Joven JP200 Series Water Purifier Inline Filter Catridge Removes 99.9% Chlorine Rust Turbidity Sediment & Odour

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Crystal Clear Filtered Water Right In Your Home

High Efficiency In-Line Filtration Technology

Enjoy crystal clear filtered water with the High Efficiency Powdered Activated Carbon with 3 Layer Woven Fabric Material that efficiently filters out 99.9% of Chlorine, Rust, Turbidity, Sediment & Odour from tap water.

Removes 99.9%:

JP200 Features-Crystal Clear Filtered Water

JP200 Features-Crystal Clear Filtered Water

Innovative In-Line Filtration Cartridge

The In-Line Filtration Cartridge is a Pat.Pending Innovation from Joven with Filtration of water straight inside the cartridge without stagnant water surrounding it to ensure a cleaner filtration system. Cartridge changing process becomes easier and faster with a dry-change.

JP200 Features Purifier Cartridge

JP200 Features Inline Filtration Cartridge
JP200 Features Healthier Purified Water

Enjoy Healthier Purified Water

The removal of Chlorine from water with powdered activated carbon creates more alkalinity in the water with pH of above neutral pH 7 – pH8

JP200 Features PH Value

Easy Installation

With a selector valve, the filter is easily installed with a standard ½” BSP pipe from the kitchen. Just plug, secure and use within minutes of installation.

For installation without selector valve and option is available to connect to a separate tap individually for filter usage.

JP200 Features Easy Installation


JP200 Safety Features Stainless Steel Outlet Pipe

Stainless Steel Outlet Pipe

SUS 304 Stainless Outlet Pipe is Food Grade Material & Durable.

JP200 Safety Features SUS 304

BPA Free Food Grade Plastic Material

The JP200 Filter comes with BPA Free Food Grade Plastic Material which produces clean and safe drinking water.

JP200 Safety Features SUS 304

JP200 Safety BPA Free Material


Selector Valve Between Filtered & Unfiltered Mode

Easily attach the selector valve to your pipes to select between filtered & unfiltered mode.

JP200 Accessories Selector Valve
JP200 Accessories Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual
Local language included

JP200 Accessories Warranty Card

Warranty Card
Local product warranty included

JP200 Accessories Host Cable Tie

Hose Cable Tie
Fixes the hose in place for neat installation



JP200 Technical Specs

Purifier Cartridge Content
3 Layer Non-Woven Fabric Filter Powdered Activated Carbon

Working Pressure
0.4 to 3.5 bar(6 to 52 psi)
6.0 l/min at 1.0 bar (15 psi)

Water Temperature
15°C to 30°C

Pressure Relief Valve
5.0 bar (75 psi)

ABS Plastic

Non-Toxic Food Grade Plastic

Filtration Capability
Remoce Odour, Chlorine, Sediment,
Turbidity and Rust

Max. Water Flow
8 Litres per minute

215 x 120 x 254 mm

Empty: 0.65kg / Fill with Water: 1.43kg

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