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Prison Child A book by Dr. Elaine Loo Parenting Book

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Stop putting your child in PRISON

I’m a mother to two children. I was concerned because both are not really good in studies. But after reading “Prison Child”, it really gave me a lot of insight on how to effectively educate my child the right way.

I realised that we parents might have been using the OUTDATED parenting styles which will not prepare our children for their future. I was putting my child in ‘prison’ because I didn’t know their potential in life. Prison Child had let me to SEE my child differently. I no longer worry about their academic achievements, but focus on developing other things.

I believe that Prison Child is an essential parenting book. All parents MUST read this book, as it guides you how to unleash your child’s potential.

Thanks to Prison Child, now I know how to communicate with my children and help them develop their strengths for school and future platforms!


Parenting is NEVER easy, however INCORRECT parenting will lead to:

❌ Unhealthy parent-child relationship

❌ Mental Health issues

❌ Frequent misconducts in school

❌ Negative and low self-esteem

❌ Lost in academics and future career success


We all want the best for our children... You only need 【ONE】approach to grow your child's potential !

Accumulated with 8 YEARS of experience in coaching and training parents and students, PRISON CHILD contains author's real-life stories on her education and parenting journey.

About Author, Dr. Elaine Loo:

Dr. Elaine obtained her PhD in Educational Psychology and Curriculum Development. She is a scholar and first class graduate from B.A. Accounting & Finance. She achieved numerous speech and debating competition awards, notably the BEST presenter in ASEAN Youth Forum Innovation and Creativity.

The founder of ProMizzion and De'Emcee, Dr. Elaine started her education journey at 18 YEARS OLD. She has great passion to develop educational programs to inspire people throughout her walk of life.

Why is PRISON CHILD so effective? Various parenting advice including:

Proven as Most Needed 21st-Century Parenting Book!


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